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Multi-Vitamins and Minerals

Plant based vitamins and minerals and synthetic nutrients have different chemical structures and are not assimilated in the same way by the organism. The vitamins and minerals extracted from plants include other natural compounds present in plants, called co-nutrients. These co-nutrients have a balancing effect and assimilated in the manner that nature intended. Isolated synthetic compounds used in inorganic mineral and vitamin supplements are not balanced with co-nutrients to work optimally. Nothing in nature occurs in an isolated form but rather is paired with other nutrients in the proportion that facilitates optimum health. If your vitamin or mineral supplement is not derived from a plant source, it is inorganic. Inorganic substances need to have dosage recommendation to prevent injury.

Why choose plant-based vitamins and minerals?

Better absorption of vitamins and minerals that come from plants. Plant-based vitamins and minerals are better assimilated by the body. Vitamins and minerals derived from plants are also include natural complexes called co-nutrients. These co-nutrients act in a complementary manner with its vitamins and minerals to make them work more efficiently.

Safe plant-based health supplements

Health supplements containing vitamins and minerals from plants can be taken for extended periods without complications. Through their gentle action, they contribute to the proper balance of our bodies. Inorganic vitamins and mineral can easily be identified by the use of an additional word after the mineral. For example, calcium carbonate is in an inorganic form of calcium. For vitamins, you will find a non plant source for the vitamin like ascorbic acid for Vitamin C.


Eating healthy increases vitamin and mineral consumption

Our multi-vitamin formula is designed to support optimum health and wellbeing. So much more then just vitamins and minerals is needed. We recommend taking a holistic approach to eating heathy, with delicious foods that are truly nourishing, that deliver quality nutrition. So you can nourish yourself form the inside out.

Over 15 Herbs To Boost Your Vitamin and Mineral Intake

Variety is best, the more you have in your diet the better!  We have expertly chosen 15 of the most nutrient dense herbs to create our Multi-vitamins and Mineral formula. No one particular plant gives us everything we nutritionally need. Likewise, no one color provides us with all our essential nutrients either.  Every plant color whether its green, purple, blue, yellow, red or white reveals something nutritionally quite unique.  Each one of the 15 herb ingredients has their own amazing health benefits. As well as a unique DNA, plant compounds and nutrients to support optimal health for your body and mind.

By choosing a multi-vitamin and mineral supplement with numerous herbs,  you are receiving a rich varied spectrum of essential nutrients your body needs to gain optimal health and suffer fewer chronic diseases and live longer. What’s more we understand the synergistic effect of pairing nutrients to be far more effective together than taken alone. The goal is to provide you with maximum health benefits in each of our supplements.

Highly Bioavailable

Our encapsulation process retains the raw ‘food state’ of the herbs we use. This means that vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and plant compounds are kept intact and are highly available for absorption and utilization by your body.

Unprocessed herbs offer the ultimate health benefits. This formula doesn’t need to incorporate mega doses of International Units like synthetic vitamins and minerals. The reason is the benefits of supplementation are gained from the nutrients that your body metabolizes, not the ones that are excreted without being used.

Synthetic mega-doses of a specific vitamin that hit your gut all at once will always be difficult to be absorbed in their entirety. Whereas plant based vitamins and minerals pass into your system with greater ease. You get a greater benefit without the need for the brute force of 100mg of chemically isolated substance.

“Human physiology will always be able to distinguish between vitamin C in synthetic form and that from an orange”. — Dr Albert Szent Györgyi, MD, PhD, Nobel laureate




FUNCTION: Our Multi-Vitamins and Minerals formula contains some of the most nutritional herbs available. It covers a broad range of minerals, vitamins and trace elements. This formula is derived solely from plant sources which makes it completely absorbable, bio-electrical, digestible and safe.


Ingredients: Alfalfa, Kelp, Hemp Seed, Chlorella, Rose Hips, Nettle, Moringa Seed, Spirulina, Irish Moss, Sheep Sorrell, Dulse, Suma, Blue Green Algae, Nutritional Yeast, Amla and Amalaki

Multi-Vitamins and Minerals

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