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We Care About Our
Bodies and Our Future. 

If you are looking for plant based solutions for all of your health challenges, nutritional needs, performance enhancement and much more you have come to the right place. Herbs Of The Forest is here to assist you with taking personal responsibility for your own health. If you are unsure of what to purchase, click on our Disease Recommendation Chart or give us a call. We are passionate about helping people achieve their health goals through the use of herbs. Using our herbal products on a daily basis can assist you with maintaining your health, healing a health challenge and most importantly taking preventive measures so that you never have a degenerative health issue.

Whether you are looking for detoxification programs, weight release supplements, plant based vitamins and minerals, herbal healing from diseases, sexual health and performance enhancers, you can find it here. As one of the most unique independently owned herbal companies in America, we are always working to meet the needs of our customers and the community. Our logo represents our commitment to calm, thoughtful and insightful preventative measures, healing methods and advisory services regardless of your health issue. Customers seek us out for our products to solve problems, overcome challenges and find better solutions. That is what we do best, by utilizing the Universal Law of Cause and Effect. When you eliminate the Cause, the Effect which is your health challenge goes away. No management of symptoms for decades without addressing the root cause of the problem. Many health related companies know the basics – we take it to a higher level. Our customers know the truth in what we promise. We don’t just sell products, we are here for you.

Disease and symptoms are not something to be feared as they are only warning signs that something is wrong. Learn how to listen to the warning signs and take appropriate action as opposed to managing symptoms with drugs that have side effects that in some cases may be worse than the original problem. Our Company Motto is: “Prevention is Better Than Cure or Remedy”. Nature provides us with everything we need to live a healthy life. Adding our herbal supplements to a healthy diet and fitness routine can help you reach optimal health. Your health is important, so browse our website and learn about how our herbal products can help you live a fuller, happier, healthier life today. Please contact us with any questions or concerns – we take great pride in our customer service!

Herbs Of The Forest

Feel the Healing…

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Herbs of the Forrest

Here at HOTF we believe that herbs are the future of healing. Dating back to 26AD, herbal blends are recorded to have healed the ancient Egyptians, the oldest documented Chinese village, and more.

Image by Katherine Hanlon
Collection of Herbs
Image by Annie Spratt
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