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The cardiovascular system can be thought of as the transport system of the body. This system has three main components: the heart, the blood vessel and the blood itself. The heart is the system's pump and the blood vessels are like the delivery routes.


Cardio-Vascular formula contains herbs that have been traditionally used to enhance heart pumping function, lower cholesterol levels, normalize blood pressure, strengthen veins,artery and capillary integrity and in general tone the heart. A healthy heart and circulatory system is essential for optimum health.


Ingredients: Hawthorne Berries, Mistletoe Cayenne, Motherwort, Garlic,Ginkgko Biloba, Green Tea, Lily of the Valley, Butcher’s Broom, Bungleweed, Prickly Ash Bark, Ginger, Angelica, Kola Nut, Blessed Thistle Guggal Gum, Horse Chestnut, Wahoo Bark, Bala, Shephard’s Purse, and Purnarnava

Cardio-Vascular Formula


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