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Essiac Tea is a long-discovered method of fighting cancer. It dates back to before the 1920s.

Essiac Tea is a product that is composed of four herbs, two of which (Sheep Sorrel and Burdock Root) are known to kill cancer cells. The other two herbs build the immune system and deal with detox and protecting the organs.

While the basic components of Essiac are well known, the exact proportions of the herbs in Essiac Tea are the matter of much speculation. This is why defers to the original formula that Nurse Rene Caisse used to heal tens of thousands of terminal cancer patients. Many brands have added herbs or substituted herbs out of the original formula. The extra herbs won’t hurt and may be of some help. But make no mistake, any alterations to the original formula and process in making the tea are not Essiac Tea and the expected results may vary drastically from the results documented by Nurse Rene Caisse.

It should be mentioned that it is specifically the Sheep Sorrel Root that is the main cancer-fighting herb in Essiac Tea and has been recognized as such for more than a hundred years. The root is very difficult to acquire and essential to include in the tea to duplicate the healing results that Rene Caisse documented for decades involving cancer patients. The tea is also a preventative measure as well as a healing method.

Over 20,000 people die each day from cancer.   So if it scares you, that should not be an acceptable excuse when there are solutions available that assist the body in to changing this.

Research Rene Caisse or Essiac Tea for a more detailed information of what our tea is capable of assisting the body to heal from. 


Herbs Of The Forest takes great pride in making our Tea using the exact formula and processes as implemented by Nurse Rene Caisse for decades to assist and heal her patients that were often classified as terminal cancer patients by Western Allopathic Medicine.  


There are many similar products on the internet, however more often than not, they have either substituted the ingredients or are not following the precise instructions that make this tea so effective. Herbs of the forest does not compromise on any of the ingredients or procedures to make this product because we understand (overstand), that your life may be at stake.



Burdock, Sheep Sorrel and Turkey Rhubarb are all classified in Ayurvedic medicine as cooling bitters.

The stabilizing, grounding effect of Slippery Elm is classified as sweet/neutral. 32 Ounce Concentrated Tea

Essiac Tea 32 Oz Bottle

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