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This powerful mucus reducer is a combination of expectorant herbs.

Breathe Easy

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  • Mucus Reducer a natural herbal expectorant helps to loosen phlegm and the bronchial secretions to rid the passageways of mucus. It also Helps nourish, cleanse and maintain a healthy circulation and respiratory system

    Mucus is a result from acidic diet commercial meat, dairy products, refined grains and starches; effervescent beverages (soda pop), alcoholic beverages, denatured and processed fruit juices, processed faux or mock meats, etc. All the great-tasting consumables.

    Mucus Buster is a great product for all adverse respiratory conditions.

    Mucus serves to protect the epithelial cells (that line the tubes) in the
    respiratory, gastrointestinal, urogenital, visual, and auditory systems, against infectious agents such as fungi, bacteria, and viruses.
    Did you know the average human
    nose produces about a liter of mucus
    per day which the majority of this mucus
    staying in the gastrointestinal tract?




    Mullein leaf, Fenugreek seed, Capsicum fruit (Cayenne pepper), Licorice.

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