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Herbs That Heal

Nature is and always will be the one source for all your mineral and nutritional needs. You are of the earth and all that you need comes from the earth. The phrase Herbs That Heal simply means nature have provided the foundation of healing for all creations that reside on this planet.

To understand its perfection one need only look at the leaf of a plant. It requires no assistance from man for its beauty of perfection not to mention its mineral and nutritional make-up. Greater than that it provides for life as we know it on this planet beyond the comprehension of its host whom have yet to discover its true value because of the lack of knowledge.

The body will repair itself if you give it half a chance. And, when the body is healthy, you can think healthy thoughts again.

Before Any Healing Can Begin, Change Is Required

This is the part where most give up even before they start. These days, well over half of the foods that we can buy in a typical supermarket are pre packaged or prepared. They need either no or minimal preparation before being ready to eat. However, there is a dark side to this convenience. Most of the foods on our shelves also contain chemicals and additives that are known to harm either the human body or laboratory animals. If they harm animals, they can harm you too. Most of the ingredients that you should avoid fall into one of three areas: food additives, artificial sweeteners and artificial colors.  More and more experts are agreeing that you are wise to try to avoid as many chemicals in your foods as possible.

It is evident we know more about herbs these days because we can and do exchange information and experiences much more rapidly than in days gone by. By touching the right numbers on a communications device we can whisper in someone's ear on the other side of the world or send them a picture or written message with the speed of light.

Be that as it may, we have the night mare of the now epidemic occurrence of cancer. The incidence has grown right along with the latest developments of the modem industrial age. It is not caused by genetics or because you have bad genes, as we are lead to believe by science today.

Poisons, we have plenty of them around these days in our air, water, soil, food and now our bodies too, from agricultural poisons, (there are 4 times the amount of pesticides in the breasts of women that have breast cancer as those who don't) and the manufacturing wastes of all the "things" made to make our lives easier. We breathe air that has been run through an automobile or bus or truck engine before we breathe it.

Chemical medicine and organ removal and radiation type medicine cannot do what needs to be done. Radiation can make a well person sick. Not only that, it is also far too expensive for people ($5,000) a single shot, at large, in the world to use. Modem medicine has essentially become a study that knows more and more about less and less. The fact is, we have to learn to help ourselves, and each other, if we are going to make it. Yes, this is Folk Medicine and or Natural Medicine we turn to in our hour of need, and it is valid and we can rely on it. If you don't believe in it, at least don't persecute it, you may need it someday too.


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