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Since I have over 100 products on this website I could easily tell you what you need to hear to make the sell, but I won't do that to you.

No, you see, you are told so many things to get your money and I know for a fact what you really need is guidance and someone who truly cares for your well being more than the money you have to offer.

In order to tell you where to start with herbs I have to choose the correct words because even though I know where to start its not that easy to say in writing. The dialog requires the reader to have a mental attitude of believing that what they are about to be told has never been spoken in a manner of which they could comprehend.

For example, herbs do not heal in themselves. The body is the only thing that actually heals, herbs only assist the body with replacing the necessary mineral and nutrients that is required to repair, fix, replenish, cleanse, restore, ect... to the point of healing.

Most people start there herbal journey by addressing a specific health challenge instead of repairing the body as a whole. Why would you do that you asked? First of all, the above average person does not know what the body needs because you were not taught that mineral and nutrients are the building block for the replacement and healing of the body.

You believe that the word vitamin is what you need to enhance your body, this is very far from the truth. A vitamin is nothing more than a

dietary supplement which is a chemical compound that can not be absorbed by the body as a means of nutrition in the act of healing.

Plants are the best source of minerals and nutrients that the body must have in order to sustain life along with the sun and the soil for

which the nutrients are derived.

I believe the individual must see there body for what it is, the body is alive so therefore you must give the body life in order to maintain and or enhance that life. Plants are alive and just as we came from the ground the life force that gives life to the plants comes from the ground.

Your body in not maintained from pharmaceutical or drugs, it does not need any form of medicine to restore itself or to replenish the necessary mineral and nutrients to sustain its functions.

The best approach for anyone seeking to prevent, restore, replenish, repair, and or overcome any health challenge, you must address all your organs by way of plants not drugs!

I challenge anyone of sound mind who is seeking the wisdom of healing, to reach out to the herbalist to start your journey of healing

with honest dialog.

Find out today where you should start your healing before it is to late!


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