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Follow this thought if you can, the life you live and see daily is the perception of all that is in your data banks of memory and lessons experienced short of that which you have yet to learn.

Your behavior is in congruent of your physiology your brain has interfered with your body and we have been told to stop listening to our body.

We first need to stop looking for new ways to treat old so-called diseases. You do not have a disease, you have horrible eating dis-order which stems from your parents and their parents pass down to you now being passed down to your children and so forth.

I am a regular person just as you are, who have a desire to help anyone willing to listen with an open mind. I don't want to convince you of anything my life is the choices that I make on a daily basis with respect of others and their choices.

When I speak of anything it is researched with an open mind not judgement of the facts yet further research is always warranted in discovering any information that will save lives and increase the longevity of life itself.

What is TDD? TDD is nothing less that a human body riddled with toxicity which causes the deterioration of the cells in the body, resulting in a mineral and nutritional deficiency.

A person’s level of health throughout life will vary based on, (some would have you believe hereditary uniqueness) I disagree

Achieving optimal health depends in large part on what and how much a person eats to live or die!

A diet that supplies optimal amounts of minerals and nutrients helps a person not only avoid disease, but also feel his or her best, with the emotional and physical health necessary to enjoy life to its fullest.

People want to feel and look their best no matter what their ages. Most people want the energy, enthusiasm, and good health to enjoy life and they want freedom from crippling disorders that interfere with that enjoyment.

The marketing of food is motivated by sales not nutrition and has caused you to make food choices based on mis-conception, half-truths, and superstitions and your doctors are not exposing the lies being told to you because they can’t make any money if you don’t get sick….

As a class of nutrients, minerals have there major roles in the body: They provide structural materials for the bones and other connective tissues: they allow electrical impulses to move along the nerves; and they act as catalysts or support the role of enzymes in physiological processes, such as replication of DNA or manufacture of proteins. Catalysts and enzymes promote the transformation of one thing into another.

The vital role minerals play accounts for the devastating effects of certain mineral deficiencies on our health.

Magnesium participates in more than one hundred enzymatic reactions in the body, and zinc in more than two hundred. A deficiency of these two minerals alone can result in three hundred different health problems. Without the proper minerals, you are like a car running without all its spark plugs.

In nutrition, minerals are conventionally categorized as major minerals or trace elements. The arbitrary marker of a major mineral is one having a daily requirement of more than 100 milligrams. Note that this dose is at the level of parts per million for a 150-pound adult.

The major minerals are:








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